Tax Returns

I’m committed to running a transparent, people-powered campaign. Below you’ll find 8 years of my federal and state taxes, each and every tax return from my time as an elected official. We need public officials fiercely committed to transparency in both campaigning and governance, leaders who are ready, on any given day, to come clean about who they’re answering to. For too long we have watched corporate money and wealthy powerful forces control government. I want you to know that when I am in office, the only special interest I’ll bring with me to Washington, is you.

2018 Federal Tax Returns
2017 Federal Tax Returns
2016 Federal Tax Returns
2015 Federal Tax Returns
2014 Federal Tax Returns
2013 Federal Tax Returns
2012 Federal Tax Returns
2018 MA State Tax Returns
2017 MA State Tax Returns
2016 MA State Tax Returns
2015 MA State Tax Returns
2014 MA State Tax Returns
2013 MA State Tax Returns
2012 MA State Tax Returns