Foreign Policy

We need a foreign policy that focuses on diplomacy and peace over bombs and war as our most powerful tools as we seek strengthened global partnerships based on shared values.

For too long, America has acted as the world’s policeman, dumping trillions of dollars into the military budget to perpetuate decades of endless war and the quiet, steady hum of America’s war machine.

America’s safety is rooted in guaranteeing the needs of the people here at home and building strong global alliances based on the same values that guide our domestic priorities: empathy, equity and justice.

Our country spends more on defense spending than the next seven countries combined. We must reduce the Pentagon budget and reallocate resources toward investing in jobs, education, and health care at home. In reckoning with the futility of war and complex challenges across the world, military action should always be a last resort.

Our trade deals need to focus on lifting up working people in our country and across the world through global initiatives to tackle our common problems, most especially the climate crisis. We cannot have a global race to the bottom through unfair trade deals that hurt working families.

The United States must stop supporting the Saudi-led war in Yemen that has caused an urgent humanitarian crisis. The United States gave its full support to Saudi bombs and warplanes that deliberately targeted and destroyed thousands of civilian lives and critical infrastructure. For years, we’ve been complicit in war crimes in Yemen. It’s time to start holding Saudi Arabia to the same human rights standards as other countries.  

In Iran, we must reinitiate negotiations for a new Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to prove our commitment to diplomacy over militarism and delay Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Trump’s decision to abandon the Iran Deal damaged our international credibility and weakened our own national security. This administration’s “maximum pressure” sanctions strategy only hurts Iranians, further jeopardizing their health and human rights in a time of crisis.

We must support peace, security, and dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians. As a Jew, I deeply understand the need to feel safe and security with rising anti-Semitism in this country and across the globe. As a Jew, I also empathize with the Palestinian community’s struggle against endless occupation and for a homeland of their own. I believe our taxpayer dollars should not be going toward any activities that entrench occupation, annexation, home demolitions, the detention of Palestinian children, and undermine the two-state solution.

We must support a Marshall Plan for Central America, in contrast to the Trump administration’s inhumane immigration policies, to help combat poverty and gang violence in heavily impacted countries. Strengthened relationships and economic investments in European countries have proven to benefit the US and we should do the same with Latin America. A 21st century Marshall Plan focuses on building sustainable, equitable societies by holding corrupt and authoritarian actions accountable on the path toward regional stability and raising standards of governance and transparency. We must re-establish the Central American Minors program, and support labor rights and sustainable jobs to allow individuals to build a better life in their communities rather than making a harrowing journey to leave their homes.   

It is our moral obligation to take care of our veterans, which includes quality care for vets and their families. While defense contractors are raking in millions, servicemembers are struggling to pay their bills and access critical care. We must fully fund and staff the VA to make high quality care as accessible as possible, improve and simplify the claims process for vets to access disability benefits, enable veteran families to access comprehensive support, and ensure all veterans can pursue higher education without taking on student loan debt. Vets suffer various physical, mental and emotional traumas and it is our duty to ensure that every veteran receives the benefits they are entitled to without delay.

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