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Click on this link for the latest guidance and information from the Centers for Disease Control about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) CDC COVID-19 Information 

And here is the website for the MA Department of Public Health for the latest updates on statewide Coronavirus  

State Senator Jo Comerford here in Western MA is the Senate chair of the COVID-19 response team. You can find an extensive guide to constituent support for the state here.

Your employer is still legally bound to provide you with a safe work environment, even during COVID-19. Learn more about your rights here.

These resources from the Massachussetts  COVID-19 Response Alliance are vast and amazing. Thank You community organizers!

Getting masks to people in Western MA who need PPE

Western MA Mutual Aid:  This website was put together by community members all across Western MA. It is a live document and will continue to update as people add to it. It is also a visual and working map to and an incredible effort to care for each other and we stan it. 

FOOD Amazing delivery from local farms. keeps money in the local economy and keeps isolation delicious)

Project Bread Food Source Hotline, connecting people to food community resources across MA 1-800-645-8333, TTY 1-800-377-1292

Free meals for kids in Franklin County.

The Berkshire Food Project Will continue to work to serve those who are in need in North Adams  during the COVID-19 crisis. For updates on when they will be serving visit

Friendship Food Pantry provides food to those in need in Berkshire County and the surrounding area. Visit the websites for opening times and updates

Multicultural BRIDGE, Main Street in Lee, is reaching out to connect people with resources. If you need support with food for your family or other essential supplies , please contact us by email

The Christian Center is open from 12 noon to 1 pm every day, Monday-Friday, to hand out bag lunches and food pantry bags to those in need in the City of Pittsfield 

Apply for SNAP/Food Stamps

The People’s Pantry is delivering pre-packaged bags with a wide selection of food to residents of the South Borough of Berkshire. The pantry is open on Mondays from 5 to 6:30 PM and on Thursdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. There are no prerequisites for residents, but you can only visit the pantry once a week. 

Western MA Food bank has food access information for every town in Western Massachusetts. It can be organized by both city and county with hours of operation and contact information for each organization. 


Robert Rauschenberg Foundation partners with NYFA for emergency medical grants of up to $5,000 for visual artists, media artists, and choreographers.

Strengthening Small Businesses: This page has information for business owners about requirements and applications they can fill out for financial aid.

Mass UndocuFund provides money for undocumented workers affected by COVID-19 (the website is available in multiple languages). 

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice has created a document in Spanish with information on aid funds for working class people (this document is available in multiple languages). They also have a multi-language document on workers’ rights in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 crisis. Employers are legally obligated to provide you with a safe work environment, even during this crisis.

Pioneer Valley Workers Center has created a monetary resources project to help undocumented workers affected by COVID-19. The first round of applications was closed but will soon open again. 

The Federal Coronavirus Funding Options For Immigrant-Owned Cooperative Businesses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a list that focuses on answering frequently asked questions from these owners. 

Berkshire United Way Emergency Response Fund Non-profits in Berkshire County can complete applications for emergency funding to keep the agencies afloat.

Western MA economic Development Council has a variety of information for business owners including information on relief funds, unemployment expansion, community response, and disaster loans.

Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations is an all purpose organization that has resources for families, seniors, non-profits, businesses and additional information on resources from the federal government.

HOTLINE SUPPORT has resources for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault during the COVID-19 crisis. There are several hotlines with support services on this website.

The Network/La Red is a survivor-led organization working towards ending partner abuse in LGBQ/T, poly, and kink communities. They have a 24/7 hotline, a remote telephone-based support group for LGBQ/T survivors of partner abuse, and other services which are listed on their website, hotline number: 617-742-4911 

Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Violence has a hotline to support safety planning with people who may be quarantined with their abuser. Please let people know that our helpline is available during business hours for just this purpose! 877-88-JCADA

NELCWIT is the sexual and domestic violence crisis center of Franklin County and the North Quabbin. We are here to serve survivors, of every race, gender, class, and background. All of our survivor services are free of charge. We do not require health insurance or proof of citizenship. Our services are available in English and Spanish; we have access to a multi-language interpreter program for other languages as well. 24/7 HOTLINE: 413-772-0806, Toll-free: 888.249.0806

Virtual AA Meetings for people in 12 Step recovery from alcoholism:


Trans Lifeline Trans Lifeline is a trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive. Hotline: 877-565-8860

Berkshire Health Systems Toll-Free Hotline for Questions Regarding COVID-19. Call 855-262-5465

Samaritan’s Hope is an organization which provides support for those struggling with depression and/or suicidality, as well as support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. The website also provides links to Zoom meetings and resources to cope with loss during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Grief Support: Hotline (call or text): (877)-870-HOPE (4673) is a global organization resource for a myriad of online wellness, grief, and crisis support.

Elizabeth Freeman Center is a help center for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their families. Their advice is free and confidential. The Center is located in the Borough of Berkshire but offers help to the surrounding areas. 24/7 Toll Free Hotline: 866-401-2425

Safe Passage is a Northampton-based organization that helps survivors of domestic violence. Advice for disabled people, Latinx, immigrants, LBGTQ +, and those who live in rural areas. Services are free, affordable for people with disabilities, and confidential. Services are available in English, Spanish, and other languages. Hotline: 413-586-5066, Toll Free Hotline: 888-345-5282


Massachusetts Jobs with Justice has information on workers’ rights in Massachusetts during COVID-19.

Know Your Labor Rights During Coronavirus is a document with information about Massachusetts labor rights during Coronavirus. 

Mass Legal Help is an organization that promotes justice through practical information on legal rights. Here you can find information about your rights as a tenant during COVID-19. Here is information on immigrant rights.  

The ACLU of Massachusetts has created the Immigrant Protection Project (IPP) connecting immigrants in western Massachusetts with legal assistance and other services in the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires. For help in Spanish or English call 413-727-8515. 

Informed Immigrant is a collective of nationally recognized organizations, attorneys, technicians, and allies dedicated to helping the undocumented immigrant community. Here is information on DACA during the COVID-19 crisis. has resources and information for immigrant communities during COVID-19. Too here There is information on the rights of Massachusetts employees.

Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) is an organization that has resources in Spanish on migration, information from COVID-19, health insurance, workers’ rights, food aid and much more.

Center for New Americans is an organization for immigrants located in Northampton. They offer various services, including English classes, legal aid, professional advice, news about immigration laws, and much more.


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Drawing with Wendy Macnaughton Kids up early? All around cool person Wendy Macnaughton is doing Instagram Live drawing classes for kids and parents every single day at 10am PST.

This resource for Virtual Field Trips covers everything from The San Diego Zoo to The Great Wall of China to, well, Mars. MARS!!!

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And in case that wasn’t enough, here’s 50 more…

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